Why Golf?

1-    It prolongs life. More than any other sports? Probably, since people who play golf is total athletes. Not many sports make you walk fast, spin and bend down for an average of 5 hours along 6 miles. Certainly, this revitalizes muscular flexibility.

2-    It improves concentration. Golf swing is a cure for stress. Every player must study himself and all the elements that take part in the game, from the wedge to the air. This self-analysis teaches you how to remain focused, forget your outer worries and improve your mental health. A few hours playing golf feel like mini holidays.

3-    It’s addictive. This sport releases endorphins. Golf is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed from your childhood to the very last day of your life. Due to its high level of difficulty, there will always be room for improvement. You will want to learn on a daily basis, perform exercises, read books and blogs, take lessons… Golf will become a personal challenge.

4-    It makes you friendlier. You can chat and mingle, while you exercise on the course. Golf is a sport meant to not only sweat but to also share moments and emotions with family and friends. After 18 holes and a 4 hour-game, it’s time for after hours to try nice dishes, a glass of wine or a beer.

5-     It provides principles. In golf there are rules that make you behave yourself, stay well-outfitted, protect the countryside… Etiquette rules that may be applied to other aspects of your life. Golf makes you tidy and less hot-headed. It helps you control your emotions, in case your golf shot backfires at you, for example. It’s also good guidance if you are going through tough times.

6-    It returns you to nature. Golf is a tranquil activity in which you are surrounded by nature. What can you see? From water handicaps and pine trees to mountains, lakes and the Mediterranean Sea or the Strait of Gibraltar. When playing golf, you can enjoy sunbeams and fresh air. In a nutshell, you are filled with life while performing your swing.

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